Understanding the Contrast between Soil Grown and Hydroponic Cultivation

When cultivation is done in raw soil, there are few pre-requisites that are required to be considered like whether the soil is fertile enough to give the output or what nutrients are required to make it capable to yield the required output. Recently, the method of hydroponic agriculture is booming like anything where nutrients are mixed with water to reach the roots directly.

There are enormous online articles or resources that ensure that hydroponic are the best way to get faster cultivation output. In such cases, the roots are not deeply plunged in to the soil, so the roots can work as strong foundation to propel the growth of the plant; in other cases, the roots are busy in penetrating through the soil in hunger of nutrients, but here it’s totally different.

Cannabis can be cultivated to yield the best variety in both soil and hydroponic manner. Hydroponic has a higher startup cost and sometimes this reason may compel many growers to set back. Undoubtedly, if a hydroponic system is well set, the quality of growth is always better with better yield and higher control on the growth of the plant. The most efficient thing about such a system is that it requires low maintenance and a single reservoir of water is enough for 12 plants.

Most of the folks these days prefer hydroponic process as it’s the way that has overtaken the soil method and yields quicker productivity. In case of cannabis cultivation, the yield is simply double if it’s done on hydroponic platform. In this method, the plants are also debarred of the insects and pests, which make their home in soil and destroy the plants.

Hydroponic cultivation has a better control on PH level of the base and soil and regulates better monitoring. Here, the nutrients can easily be mixed with water as per the guidelines and can reach to the plant’s roots directly.

There are enormous hydroponic nutrients from reputed companies available in the market. These nutrients can be utilized at vegetative stage, and flowering stage, and few of them can be used for the entire life cycle of the plant. So, if you are a beginner, then a vigorous research on internet may be required to take a wise decision while buying hydroponic nutrients.

Many growers who started their journey with a pot filled with soil have now converted into DWC (deep water culture), the customized hydroponic system. If you are really serious to grow cannabis to make some money, then build your own hydroponic system and learn to grow to enjoy good profits.


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