The Art of Cultivating Hydroponic Marijuana

Hydroponic Marijuana refers to alternative way of growing the plant without using artificial oxygenation or soil. But, the content of nutrient supply remains the same and balanced. Cultivating marijuana in such way is not an easy task, and it requires considerable amount of efforts.

Since the past decade, specialists have put forward a number of complex, and easy processes and over the period these processes are followed by folks as per their convenience and requirements. This article will help potential cannabis growers out there with the best way to grow it hydroponically.

The best soil for medical cannabis is found in the grow system in Laguna Beach, CA. Their soil-based hydroponic procedure has set a benchmark in the history of cultivation. Their fair-proof sub irrigation containers allow optimum watering of plants.

All the pants require minimum of 16 types of essential nutrients. The required nutrient is mixed with 99.9 percent of water and 0.1 percent of minerals so as to provide a good level of fertility to the soil for the healthy growth of cannabis. The nutrient can be well-prepared either with one part powder and two parts of liquid or vice versa.

In the process of cannabis grown hydroponically, the oxygen content is a must, which helps the plant to grow healthy. Enough water is required with enough light as it contains infrared light that helps in the growth of the plant.

If, in any case, you feel that the cultivation is deficient of the required light, you can go for re-circulating the hydroponic. Keeping the heat level inside the plant and accelerating the same up to 25 degree Celsius can maintain the heat. In summer, when the heat rises up the temperature, it can be maintained by aerating the tank. Till date, the most popular way to grow marijuana in hydroponic way is through horticulture lighting, which is controllable.

Minimum 15 degree Celsius is required for the proper nutrient content to excel the growth of cannabis properly. If you feel that the temperature has gone below 15 degree Celsius then try to heat the area at least four times per day. The maximum temperature needed is 30 degree Celsius and the PH value required is 6-6.5 range and using pure water is mandatory.

Growing cannabis in soil is the best way to grow new and fresh stains. Plants live on water through their capillary system. There are many examples in the planet where you can check the cultivation process in self watering containers for growing medical cannabis. You can either use the soil with nutrients or use any infertile soil and add Dyna-grow liquid to the soil. Over fertilizing may also hamper the growth.

We hope that this article will help those looking to grow medicinal cannabis in hydroponic way.


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