Diabetes Diet, Nutrition and Herbal Treatment

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease in which the sugar level in the blood is high. This occurs due to the improper secretion of insulin. These days this disease has become very common and is found in almost every house and has steadily increased over the years. So in order that this disease is treated suitably many diabetic centers have opened. These centers solely concentrate on Diabetes and provides with special and exclusive treatment. These institutions consist of experts who are proficient in their field. With their expertise in this field, they conduct research and Development activities. Their aim is to find out ways to reduce the impact of this disease.

These physicians prepare the diet chart for the patients that will keep the blood sugar level under control. Systematic practice and maintaining these charts has shown better results. Certain test like HbA1c are recommended which is an excellent index of long term diabetes control over preceding 2-3 months. Unlike blood sugars which tend to fluctuate from day to day and even hour to hour, the HbA1c test is a true index of the average blood glucose control during previous two to three months. HbA1c test is done in these institutions rapidly and precisely using the “gold standard” of the HbA1c testing.

Diabetic diet with general guidelines is the most important aspect of treatment. The diet should be similar to the patient’s usual diet and that of his family. The old idea that rice should not be taken by diabetic and only wheat or ragi should be is incorrect. All cereals whether it is rice or wheat or ragi contain about 70% of starch. The type of cereal taken is not important it is only the quantity that matters. Vegetable proteins like dals and legumes etc are better than animal proteins. Combination of cereals and pulse will enhance the protein quality. Fiber rich fruits are very good for controlling diabetes and for reducing blood cholesterol. Rich sources of natural fibre are whole cereals pulses, black gram and leafy vegetables. There are certain fruits which are to be avoided like sugar, honey, bananas, grapes etc. Following a diet strictly will help you in achieving a good control of diabetes preventing complications, reducing drug requirement and maintain ideal body weight.


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