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I am a Content Manager and an Author for various publication. I like to write about Diet, Nutrition, Health, Fitness, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy & Skin Care. I have composed a lot of Health web journals about how one can be health and fit.

A Summary on Bruxism Causes and Treatments

May 29, 2019

Teeth grinding, also medically referred to as bruxism is a sleep-related movement disorder that involves the grinding of the upper and lower teeth together. Bruxism can manifest symptoms that can cause discomfort such as facial pain, chronic headaches, and sore jaw. In addition, bruxism can also impact the oral health negatively and might cause conditions […]

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Natural Dentistry

April 21, 2019

Let’s face it. Our world is full of toxic materials that can cause severe detriment to our bodies. This gave way to a consuming passion for all things natural, be it through food or medicine. It was only expected for this passion to reach the hollows of dentistry soon enough. Thus, natural dentistry was born. […]

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How Do I Know If I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

March 9, 2019

When you think of cosmetic dentistry, chances are you immediately think of a famous and/or wealthy person. It makes sense that someone who lives in the public eye undergoes cosmetic dental procedures. After all, he or she must always look their best. But then there’s you. While you think that it would be nice to […]

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4 Fun Facts about the Human Body

February 17, 2019

If questions about your body like ‘why does my eye keep twitching’ ‘ is the human aura a real thing’ ‘ how can I grow muscles ‘and so on, have bothered your for long. You have come to the right place. Here, are a few fun facts about the Human body that you must know […]

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Understanding the Contrast between Soil Grown and Hydroponic Cultivation

January 3, 2019

When cultivation is done in raw soil, there are few pre-requisites that are required to be considered like whether the soil is fertile enough to give the output or what nutrients are required to make it capable to yield the required output. Recently, the method of hydroponic agriculture is booming like anything where nutrients are […]

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The Art of Cultivating Hydroponic Marijuana

December 3, 2018

Hydroponic Marijuana refers to alternative way of growing the plant without using artificial oxygenation or soil. But, the content of nutrient supply remains the same and balanced. Cultivating marijuana in such way is not an easy task, and it requires considerable amount of efforts. Since the past decade, specialists have put forward a number of […]

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