4 Fun Facts about the Human Body

If questions about your body likewhy does my eye keep twitching’ is the human aura a real thing’ ‘ how can I grow muscles ‘and so on, have bothered your for long. You have come to the right place. Here, are a few fun facts about the Human body that you must know of:

Your Brain Is Sometimes More Active When You’re Asleep than When You’re Awake

Your brain is not resting while you sleep. This is because of the ATP levels, which provide energy to the cells, surge during sleep. This rise in energy is used throughout the night to rearrange and create connections between the neurons. However, there are a few regions that are still active in our brain.

The Word “muscle” Comes from Latin Term Meaning “little mouse“, which Is What Ancient Romans Thought Flexed Bicep Muscles Resembled.

The biceps are on the front portion of the upper arm and are bulging in nature. When you flex your arms, these groups of muscles pop out. Larger biceps are a sign of healthy arm. There are many exercises to make your biceps large like the bicep dumbbell curls. However, the muscle will grow only when your body is being fed the right amount of protein in your body.

Bodies Give off a Tiny Amount of Light That’s too Weak for the Eye to See

Many researches have successfully established that the human body emits light, which is 1000 times lesser bright and intense for your naked eyes to see. This is often referred to as the aura. This aura light is related to the body clock and the rhythmic fluctuations of the metabolism throughout the day. This has significant implication in medical science, where the light sensitive cameras can detect any medical complications. There are similar devices like electrodermal screening that measure the electrical skin resistance to gain information about the chi flow of an individual.

Eye Twitching is No Superstition but Rather a Tell-tale of Poor Health

Are you asking yourself, ‘Why does my eye keep twitching?”

Did you know that the twitching of your eye can merely be a result of the following factors:

  • Caffeine
  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • Dry eyes
  • Nutrition problems
  • Allergies

If your eyes twitch then you need to examine the aforementioned factors and identify the possible triggers. You can prevent your eye from twitching by simply adding more greens and vitamins to your diet. Eye twitching is not a serious medical condition and can be easily prevented.

Your Body Sheds 4 kg of Skin

The human skin is protective, waterproof shield for the body organs and blood. It has an amazing type of organ, which is constantly regenerating and changing. It is composed of several layers and made up on keratin. The newest cells grow at the bottom or the lowest level of your epidermis. These new cells bond with the dermis on the next level. They eventually push their way to the top and die out with daily activities.


In brief, the human body is no less than a marve. The Nature’s greatest creation.  At this very moment, your body might be undergoing a chain of chemical and biological process, all to keep you functioning efficiently. The bottom line is to take care of it for the long-run.


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